Wiicare offers a full line of pharmaceutical packaging that includes push-through and child-resistant lidding, die-cut lidding, pouch laminates and cold form blister films.
  • Revolutionary Drug Pak® lidding technology enables blister lidding foils to seal to a wide range of pharmaceutical blister substrates.  Wiicare provides standard hard and soft temper 20 micron and 25 micron push-through blister lidding foils. Our blister foil lidding is suitable for platen or rotary blister machines, and features excellent push-through characteristics.
  • Safety-Pak® Plus lidding allows for improved child resistance and consumer-friendly peelability. With Safety-Pak Plus lidding, you can specify one lidding material and fulfill multiple CR opening requirements.
  • WinForm® cold-formable laminates are suited for applications requiring forming, while maintaining the highest possible barrier protection when combined with a foil-based blister package.  Three-ply, cold-formable WinForm contains a 45-micron foil sandwiched between a 60-micron PVC film and a proprietary 25-micron film that allows the laminate to stretch in three directions for deeper draw cavities without delamination, cracks, and other stresses. While providing deeper draw cavities, WinForm 25-45-60 still optimizes machine speeds due to the added strength and flexibility of the blister laminate.
  • Customized stand-up pouches in a wide range of styles and structures. We can provide pouches with UV barriers and degassing valves. We utilize the latest printing technology, such as Multi-Color Processing and 12-Color Process Printing, to create pouches with stunning print designs to stand out on the shelf. Stand up pouches can be used for a variety of applications, which include detergent pods and pool chemicals.

Stand-up pouches
  • Die-cut flexible lidding in a range of sizes from 40 to 169 mm, with various lid shapes. Custom size and shape die-cut lids are also available.
Die-cut lidding
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